Instructions for Editors

If you are an Editor of the site then you will be able to log in and submit content yourself.

Feel free to add content to any sections of the website.

To add News content go to:-

and select either the:-

  • News – topological quantum computing
  • News – All

page and then add news content in the format described in the Contributing section.  The news is always ordered with the most recently published articles at the top of the page.  The date should be the date published, not the date it was added to this website.

Once you have completed adding content hit the Update button to save the page.  Please check the page on the website to make sure it published correctly.

Once you have finished adding content you should create a blog entry containing all of the newly added content.  This will be be automatically sent to all the followers of the website to alert them to the new content that has been added.  To create a new blog entry go to and enter the title in the following format:-

Quantum Computing News Update – <todays date>


Quantum Computing News Update – 28th April 2018

Then add the following text:-

“This is a Blog posting of the latest news (<date here>) added to the News section of the Everything Quantum website, a website about everything related to quantum computing.”

and then paste all of the content you have added into the blog update.  If you have added content to multiple sections please give a title for each section you have added content to and amend the introduction to mention which sections you have updated.

When you have finished you should hit the Publish button.

Afterwards, please check the page at to make sure your blog was successfully published.  Also, please sign up to the follow the blog by following the instructions at so that you can see any postings in your email inbox.

If you have been given permission by the Chief Editor (Steve) to add new sections to the website you can do so by going to:-

and clicking the Add button.  After saving the new page you can add it to the menus by going to: -> Menus -> Primary -> Add Items.