If you would like to join the community of contributors to this website please follow the instructions below.

The main section we would like contributions on is the news, although it would also be great to bulk up the list of videos, learning sources, books, publications, companies, event and other areas of the website.

First, contact me through the page letting me know you’d like to volunteer to help with the website.

I will then direct you to this page for instructions for submitting content.

Please send an email to me with content using the following instructions.  Generally please don’t spend more than a couple of hours or send me more than 10 items.  Less and often is better than saving up lots over weeks and getting it later.

For News – send me a series of links with exactly the following format and copied font in descending date order:-

18th April 2018 – Worse Than Y2K: Quantum Computing And The End Of PrivacyForbes – article asking why more people aren’t worried about the threat to encryption that quantum computing poses.

This is:-

  • The date (bolded) (e.g. 18th April 2018)
  •  A dash
  • The exact title which is a hyperlink to the article (bolded) (e.g. Worse Than Y2K: Quantum Computing And The End Of Privacy)
  • A dash
  • The source name of the publication which is a hyperlink to the source page of the publication (e.g. Forbes which links to
  • A brief comment written by yourself on the article.  Must not contain any copied and pasted sections from the article.  One sentence minimum, three sentences maximum.  Doesn’t have to be very interesting opinion, as long as is useful for someone scanning through to get an idea about the article and whether it would be of interest to them or not.  When an article is very technical then the summary should warn the reader by saying e.g. “A quite technically involved article, this is about…”.  You could mention if it is very technical, is long/short, contains lots of references/new insights, is shocking new news, an update on old news.  You really want to convey quickly how useful or interesting will it be to the potential reader.

The level we are aiming at with the news articles is for people who are already familiar with quantum computing and so we should avoid very generic articles that just give an overview of quantum computing.  Highly technical articles can be included so long as they have the warning mentioned above.

Sources – we should mainly stick to well known or reputable/large sources.  Avoid unknown blogs.

For topological computing news please indicate that it it should go in the separate, dedicated section:-

For other sections of the website please send me the link to the section you are supplying content for e.g.:-

and the content in the exact same format, font and order as on the original webpage.  For example for companies please send your entries in alphabetical order looking like this:-

Baidu – Chinese company investing $15bn in next gen tech including quantum and AI. See this article on TechNode

Thanks a lot for your help.  Please let me know if you want your details to be added to the Contributors page.

If you have been promoted to being an Editor of the site please follow instruction at the Instructions For Editors page.