Quantum Computing News Update – 25th October 2018

This is a Blog posting of the latest news (25th October 2018) added to the News section of the Everything Quantum website, a website about everything related to quantum computing.


25th September 2018 – UCL partners with Google to grow quantum software industry in the UK – UCL News –  UCL, Google, and the University of Bristol announce a 5 year joint-enterprise- the Prosperity Partnership- aiming to increase the viability of modelling using quantum computers.

12th September 2018 – US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce – MIT Technology Review  –  taking a look at the recently passed National Quantum Initiative Act, the US government investment of  $1.275 billion into quantum research facilities and training.

10th September 2018 – Rigetti Computing unveils quantum computing cloud service – CloudPro – roundup of the recent announcement by Rigetti Computing to offer businesses cloud-based server time on their quantum hardware within the next few weeks, and their $1 million quantum supremacy competition.

15th August 2018 – AI and quantum physics are searching for life-saving drugs – Wired – speaking with the founders of GTN, a pharmaceutical startup involved in recent initiatives by Google, Bristol University, and UCL to grow the UK quantum computing industry.

30th May 2018 – How Close Are We—Really—to Building a Quantum Computer? – Scientific American  – interview with Jim Clarke, director for quantum hardware at Intel, discussing the bigger picture of quantum computing.

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