Quantum Computing News Update – 23rd July 2018

This is a Blog posting of the latest news (23rd July 2018) added to the News section of the Everything Quantum website, a website about everything related to quantum computing.


20th July 2018 – Google’s New Cirq Project Aims to Make Quantum Computers Actually Useful – Gizmodo – Discussing the new NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) computing paradigm, and reactions to Google’s recent Cirq announcement.

18th July 2018 – Announcing Cirq: An Open Source Framework for NISQ Algorithms – Google AI Blog – Google announces the public alpha for Cirq: an open-source quantum programming framework, for the latest generation of quantum computers that are currently being developed.

19th May 2018 – Google, Alibaba spar over timeline for ‘quantum supremacy’  – Wired – article discussing recent announcement by researchers from the Chinese company Alibaba, who claim to be able to beat Google’s quantum chip using conventional supercomputers.


15th July 2018 – We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We’re At – Seeker – (8:35)

Broad-angle overview of the challenges facing quantum computing, featuring interviews with IBM and Rigetti about their efforts to build a functioning quantum processor in a controlled environment.

2nd May 2018 – Quantum Computing: Untangling the Hype – The Royal Institution  (1:33:22)

Artur Ekert and Harry Buhrman, physicists noted for their work in quantum cryptography and quantum computing respectively, give a layman’s overview to theory behind quantum computers at the Royal Institution in London.

Research Papers:-

14th May 2018 – How many qubits are needed for quantum supremacy? – ArXiv, Quantum Physics – applied mathematics paper from the MIT physics department. Discusses the hard limit for the minimum number of qubits needed to solve problems which are genuinely intractable with classical computers.

27th October 2015 – Majorana zero modes and topological quantum computation – Nature – a scientific overview of the progress that has been made on a current hopeful to realize a topological quantum computer: a Majorana zero mode.


Quantum algorithms: an overview – Nature – an introductory review of some of the problems that quantum computers can solve, and why we should be interested in them.  A good resource for unraveling the jargon behind quantum computing, with only passing familiarity with mathematical terminology assumed.

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