Quantum Computing News Update – 28th April 2018

This is a Blog posting of the latest news (28th April 2018) added to the News section of the Everything Quantum website, a website about everything related to quantum computing.

26th April 2018 – Google Charts Two-Dimensional Quantum Course – HPC wiregood, detailed technical article about the challenges of quantum computing error correction.

10th April 2018 – Quantum Brief: Looking for Majorana in all the Right PlacesHPC wiredetails of recent advances in the search for the particles that will form the basis of Microsoft’s efforts in topological quantum computing.

18th April 2018 – Worse Than Y2K: Quantum Computing And The End Of PrivacyForbes – article asking why more people aren’t worried about the threat to encryption that quantum computing poses.

12th April 2018 – NIST’s New Quantum Method Generates Really Random Numbers National Institue of Science And Technology – Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a method for generating numbers guaranteed to be random by quantum mechanics, and have published their result in the journey Nature.

11th April 2018 – Cisco, Researchers Develop New Security Techniques to Thwart Quantum AttacksWall Street Journal Blog – about the need to start thinking about protecting against quantum computing attacks on encryption.

10th April 2018 – Is it Time for Quantum Computing Startups? MaybeIEEE – discusses the the future of quantum computing start ups and has some thoughts from venture capitalists. There seems to be some scepticism at the moment given the small number of companies working on QC at the moment and a lot of them are large, established companies such as IBM, Google and Intel, with only a few start ups such as Rigetti.

9th April 2018 – Is China winning race with the US to develop quantum computers? –  South China Morning Post – analysis of the amount on investment china is making, including details of their work on quantum communication with a satellite.

5th April 2018 – IBM is doing something with quantum computing that’s never been done beforeBGR – about IBM partnering with a number of startups to collaborate on projects together, using IBMs quantum computers.  Includes a list, with descriptions, of 8 of the quantum computing startups that they are partnering with.

27th March 2018 – Are We Quantum Computers?University Of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) – about $1.2m in grant funding to start project investigating whether the brain uses quantum computation, including whether this could be done use the nuclear spin of phosphorus atoms.

31st January 2018 – Commentary: This New Technology Will Crack the Blockchain Like an EggFortune – about how quantum computers could make it possible to bypass the security mechanisms that currently protect blockchain implementations.





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