Quantum Computing News Update – 15th March 2018

This is a Blog posting of the latest news (15th March 2018) added to the News section of the Everything Quantum website, a website about everything related to quantum computing.

14th March 2018 – Whurley Says Quantum Computing is the New Space RaceSilicon Hills

Details of William Hurley, tech entrepreneur, Keynote speech at South By SouthWest conference.

13th March 2018 – Hyperion Tackles Elusive Quantum Computing LandscapeHPCWire

About how Hyperion Research are ramping up their work on tracking quantum computing and why. Discusses how immature the field is, the investment that is going into it and the developments in terms of investment and involvement.

13th March 2018 – SXSW 2018: Quantum Computers Could End Climate Change Debate, Says Expert  – Inverse Innovation

William Hurley, tech entrepreneur, talks at a conference about how quantum computing could be used to more accurately model climate change.

8th March 2018 – Scientists gain new visibility into quantum information transferMIT News

Very technical article about research into measuring information spreading in large quantum mechanical systems using room temperature NMR.

7th March 2018 – Sydney just entered the race to build the world’s first quantum computerBusiness Insider (Australia)

About $500,000 investment from Australian government to set up a Sydney Quantum Academy for postgraduate training and research.

5th March 2018 – America’s Enigma problem with China: The threat of quantum computingThe Hill

Discussion of the security implications of China building a $10bn research facility for quantum computing by 2020.

27th February 2018 – Israeli physicist leads int’l team making quantum computerIsrael21c

New project headed by Israeli team with European partners to work on developing quantum computer.

20th February 2018 – Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology edge closer to quantum computing breakthroughV3

Research showing ability to host a Majorana fermion particle, which could be used as a stable building block of a quantum computer.


7th November 2017 – Venture capital is backing Australian research into quantum computingBusiness Insider Australia

About investment in first spin-off company from the University of Sydney’s Quantum Science Group called Q-Ctrl Pty Ltd, who will provide quantum control solutions.

 10th October 2017 – China is opening a new quantum research supercenterPopular Science

China’s plans to build a $10bn National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences in Hefei, opening in 2020.

10th August 2017 – China uses a quantum satellite to transmit potentially unhackable dataCNBC

China launched a satellite and sent a message using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) which makes it unhackable between the ground and the satellite.

4th July 2017 – Atos launches the highest-performing quantum simulator in the worldAtos

Press release about how Atos launched a simulator called the “Atos Quantum Learning Machine” that can simulate 30 to 40 qubits.  Is meant to be used for people to develop and test quantum algorithms in advance of real hardware being available and runs on a supercomputer.

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